Thank you for finding the time to look at my website dedicated to textile dolls that I create.
Ever since I remember, I have always been accompanied by the art of sewing. My sister,mother and
grandmother and great grandmothers were able to conjure up amazing things from a piece of
material. I also wanted to break something original and unique.I believe that it is never too late to
make your dreams come true.

Designing and sewing dolls gives me incredible joy and satisfaction. I love to sew and if not for many
duties, I would not care for anything else. My dolls have been created for a short time. Four years
ago I made the first cuddly for my oldest daughter, then another and the next … Each one was
different. With time, I decided to transform the ordinary sewing of dolls into a professional life.
I sew dolls using an old machine that I inherited from my grandma. This machine has a long and
beautiful history, because it was with her participation that created my wedding dress and the first
clothes for my children.

Work on new models is a self-driving process that leads to further challenges. I try to make each copy
have a part of this passion and joy that accompany its emergence. I am glad that I can pass these
feelings on to doll enthusiasts and collectors.

Maria Myczkowska-Szałankiewicz