Cracowian lady

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• Krakowianka is a hand-made collector’s doll
• Despite the general formula, each specimen is unique
• The doll has been designed and made in Poland
• The body, head and hands are made of 100% cotton. A sophisticated pattern gives the doll the right shape
• Hands and legs are movable and bent in joints, connected by means of buttons
• The doll is filled with antiallergic polyester balls
• The clothing is modeled on the Polish traditional folk costume and consists of: a corset made of hand-embroidered velvet, a skirt in a characteristic floral pattern, petticoats hemmed with lace, apron made of thin white tulle, decorated with lace and a flowery ribbon,
• Accessories for the garment is a wreath made of hand-cut and painted flowers from foamiranu foam and miniature beads, modeled on authentic
• Face is hand-painted with special fabric paints
• The doll’s shoes are painted and their heels are hand-carved
• 100% of canola was used to make hair
• The doll’s dress is removable, however, be careful of delicate corals and small fastenings (corset, skirt)
• The doll has an individual serial number, which emphasizes its uniqueness
• The doll needs gentle treatment. Do not wash and soak in water. Clean only surface, very gently
• The doll is intended primarily for collectors
• Height is 46 cm (about 18″)
• The doll is packed in an elegant, hand-made box, intended for both transport and storage