• Ciri is a hand-made collector’s doll
as a model from the Polish game The Witcher
• Despite the general formula, each specimen is unique
• The doll has been designed and made in Poland
• The body, head and hands are made of 100% cotton. A sophisticated pattern gives the doll the right shape
• Hands and legs are movable and bent in joints, connected by means of buttons
• The doll is filled with antiallergic polyester balls
• The garment consists of a cotton blouse in the color of ecru tied at the front (under the blouse there is underwear), a corset fastened with a Velcro, made of leather with brass elements. The pants are at the same time the legs of the doll, they are made of leather and decorated with brass rivets
• An addition to the outfit is: a genuine leather belt with a brass buckle, a leather handbag and a sachet attached to a belt, leather forearms with brass buckles, removable leather glove elements also with brass buckles, shoe decoration. Characteristic Ciri belt cast



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