Greek women

Greek Woman

  • Greek women is a hand-made collector’s doll
  • Despite the general formula, each specimen is unique
  • The doll has been designed and made in Poland
  • The body, head and hands are made of 100% cotton. A sophisticated pattern gives the doll the right shape
  • Hands and legs are movable and bent in joints, connected by means of buttons
  • The doll is filled with antiallergic polyester balls
  • The clothing consists of a white blouse fastened with buttons at the front, a skirt sewn at the bottom with a lace, apron with a pocket and capes tied at the front with a bow.
  • An addition to the outfit is a bag made of leather and material fastened with a metal button
  • Face is hand-painted with special paints for fabrics
  • The shoes have been painted, tiny laces have been sewn into the shoes
  • 100% of the kanekalon was used to make hair
  • The doll’s dress is removable, however, be careful of delicate corals
  • The doll has an individual serial number, which emphasizes its uniqueness
  • The doll needs gentle treatment. Do not wash and soak in water. Clean only surface, very gently
  • The doll is intended primarily for collectors
  • Height is 46 cm (about 18″)
  • The doll is packed in an elegant, hand-made box, intended for both transport and storage


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